Horse Medicine Sessions

Do you feel that something is missing? Do you need healing, but do not know how to obtain it? Have you ever felt a need to seek out horse wisdom? 

Our resident healing horse - Alienor loves to listen and heal.

She helps calm fears and helps those who have gone through trauma. 



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Let's Make a Deel

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Doula Services


Let us help you plan for your new addition! I assist soon to be mothers through every step of pregnancy, delivery and even a visit after. Having a doula shortens labor times, reduces the need for pain medication and reduces the need for C sections in many pregnancies. 


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Pet Clinic is an AAHA accredited veterinarian hospital that provides preventative, medical, surgical, dental, acupuncture and hospitalized care for your dog, cat or small animal.

Confidence Building One on One Sessions


Let us help you build confidence- as a new rider, just coming back into riding or as an experienced rider. I also have a Confidence building class for Non-riders. 


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